Inspired by the long-standing history of craft and industry of traditional cultures

Mass-production, contract quality.

Made to your specifications.

Embarking on a creative journey, Stellar Works brings together clients and craftsmen in an innovative workshop in Shanghai, overseen by skilled technicians, draftsmen, and engineers of Chinese, French, and Japanese backgrounds. From our factory, clients benefit from the expertise of an established, running line brand, applied to your custom designs. Join us in the intricate process of creating bespoke furniture for your project.

Process & Timeline

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Process & Timeline

Design Specifications
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Provide detailed specifications, drawings, dimensions, and materials to our team. Stellar Works can quote all upholstered, non-upholstered, case goods FF&E.

Quotation | 1-2 WEEKS
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Our team will create a bespoke production quote.

Order Placement | 1 WEEK
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After receiving your PO and deposit, we will begin creating shop drawings.

Shop Drawings & Material Samples | 2-3 WEEKS
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Simultaneously with the initial shop drawings process, send control samples directly to Stellar Works to initiate sample matching.

Client Review Process | 2-4 WEEKS
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Collaborate with our team and project managers/designers for review.

Prototype Production (if required) | 6-8 WEEKS
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Upon finalization and approval of the drawings, prototypes for select items or Model Room will be created for your review.

Roll Out Production | 8 WEEKS
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This stage marks the full-scale manufacturing production. For orders over Qty 200, additional time may be needed. Photos of finished goods can be provided.

Transport | 6 WEEKS / OCEAN OR 1-2 WEEKS AIR
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Choose your preferred shipping method for delivery.

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Your project manager can assist with final delivery, troubleshooting, and adjustments.

Post Delivery | ONGOING
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Stellar Works offers a standard 2-year warranty which can be extended to 5 years.

Bespoke Team

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Andrew Yang


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Malachi White

Senior Project Manager

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Nita Kuo

Project Manager

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